Official Biography

Tiziana Rivale began singing at age 11, preferring artists such as Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Aretha Franklin, blues and black music in general.

She wins some singing competitions and starts her  apprenticeship with the rock-band "Rockollection", touring the clubs of  Northern Italy and Europe. With a contract from Elio Gigante (producer of Mina and Gino Bramieri) Tiziana is engaged in a tour with Gino Bramieri, for 3 summer seasons.

After leaving the band, in 1983 she takes part in the Sanremo Festival

(the only singer category, hosted by Andrea Giordana) and with the song

"Sarà quel che sarà" she wins it.

Since then she continues her TV appearances and her tours in Italy and abroad.

1983: International Tour. Toronto - Montreal (Canada)

    GiroMike with Mike Bongiorno.

    Yamaha World Popular Song Festival.  Tokyo (Japan)

    "Premiatissima"  Canale 5  - Milan

     Philharmonic Orchestra.  Prague (Czechoslovakia)

1984: "Special Costanzo Show" Madison Square Garden - New York (U.S.A.)

1986: Teatro Bolshoi.  Mosca  (Russia)

   “Bella d’estate” 9-part show with Walter Chiari and Don Lurio. Rai 2- Milano

   "Mediterranean Festival"  Antalya (Turkey)

1987: Tour with Umberto Tozzi.  Sydney - Melbourne - Perth (Australia)

And yet in Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Spain, Romania, Belgium, Finland, Greece and U.S.A.

From 1988 to 1992 Tiziana lived in Los Angeles, alternating her performances with soundtrack recordings and dubbing for American movies.

From 1997 to 2003 she is a regular guest of the cast in Paolo Limiti's RAI programs "Ci vediamo in TV", "Alle 2 su Rai 1" and "Paolo Limiti Show". Rai - Milan

2002: "Viva Napoli"  Rete 4 - Milan

From January 2005 to June 2006 Tiziana is in the night programs of the director of  Rai Notte, Gabriele La Porta.

Since 2006 Tiziana Rivale has been working and producing her music abroad: Poland, Finland, Latvia, Russia, Greece.

Since 2016 she's a volunteer in the National Environmental Guard (GNA), a social utility organization for the protection            of the Territory, Sea and Fauna.

In January 2019 she's been awarded the "Golden Disc" for her career during a tour in Mexico City.

2019: She plays herself in a role for the movie "LETTERA H" a thriller about the monster of Florence, by Dario Germani.

2019: "Tale & Quale Show" with Carlo Conti.  Rai 1 - Rome

Her discography is available on I-Tunes and digital platforms.

Recent TV shows: 

Gennaio 14: Domenica IN   - Raiuno

               16: La volta buona - Raiuno

                21: Domenica IN   - Raiuno

                22: Bella Ma'      -   Raidue

                23: Generazione Zeta - Raidue

Febbraio    8:  Sottovoce       -    Raiuno

                   8:   Storie italiane -  Raiuno

                   9:  I fatti vostri     - Raidue

                  11: Mattina in famiglia - Raiuno

                  12: Storie italiane     -    Raiuno

                  24: Tale e quale Sanremo - Raiuno